Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sparks - Beat The Clock - Number 1 Song In Heaven Album

In a random iPod shuffle moment the other day, up popped  Beat The Clock by the incomparable Sparks. Which got me to thinking that it was high time I posted on one of my favourite records and one of the most influential and largely unheralded LPs of all time, The Number One Song In Heaven.

Following two flop mid-70s albums, Ron and Russell Mael found themselves at a turning point in their career. In an attempt to break away from the traditional rock band format, they teamed up with electrodisco legend Giorgio Moroder to produce an album that pretty much invented the early 80s (along with Suicide's first two records). All the synth pop duos who followed in their wake owe the brothers Mael , Giorgio and this fantastic concoction of disco, electro and offbeat lyrical wit a debt of gratitude.

Here are the three amazing Top Of The Pops performances they made for the album's singles.


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  1. One of my fave bands, flipping brilliant :)