Thursday, 25 November 2010

Human League - Night People (Emperor Machine Remix & Album Version)

The Human League return with a fantastic new single that is, to all intents and purposes, the follow-up to 1980's Sound Of The Crowd from the seminal Dare LP. Night People is released with a plethora of mixes through Wall Of Sound Records this week. For my money the Emperor Machine remix is the pick of the bunch with its Moroder and Kraftwerk flourishes. Smashing.

Night People by Drew Wall_


  1. It's coming's Dare! A return to form for the League x

    Special Girl AKA

  2. I'm always hearing "oh, the Human League are back to form", but sadly it's always wishful thinking! This track is no different. This is the sort of crap they tried to pass off on us around the time of Hysteria. It didn't wash then and it certainly doesn't wash now. And as for the lyrics, please have you no shame???