Friday, 9 April 2010

Malcolm McLaren - R.I.P.

Malcolm Mclaren's genius was for shining a spotlight on previously hidden corners of the musical world (usually for his own self aggrandisement it has to be said!) and the project which probably best typifies this I reckon is his 1983 album, 'Duck Rock'. Containing some of the first mainstream excursions into "World Music" ('Double Dutch' and 'Soweto') and the seminal 'Buffalo Girls' it also brought the World Famous Supreme Team (and NYC HipHop radio culture)to the world's attention with the WFST acting as the hosts of the globe trotting Duck Rock radio show. Here's their single, 'Hey DJ' which (kind of) first appeared on the album and has been sampled by all manner of artists.


  1. YES. RIP Malcolm! X


  2. PS Can we have some Bow Wow Wow too? X