Sunday, 14 March 2010

Simple As ...

We're back on the decks this Saturday (20th March) at Oxford's fantastic Baby Simple bar from 9 til 2. To wet your whistle for the night, here's one of them there Spotify playlists for ya. Have a listen here.

More details of the night here.


  1. I'll be there x


  2. H or M was very tasty indeed in its new Oxford guise... Brought my lot along and they were not disappointed! You have new fans :) Tune of the night? Hard to tell, praps Voodoo Ray or Pass Out or even the Roxy singalong. Lovely venue too, good work! X

  3. I'll second that: "m-m-m-m-m major!"

    Great set HoM, lots of happy faces (and crazy shapes) on Saturday - loved it.

  4. Human League was a highlight for me. Great night - be great to see HoM hit North Oxford/Jericho soon maybe?