Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place

Roisin Murphy returns with new material for a new decade. It's been a couple of years since her criminally overlooked but influential (hello, Miss Gaga) 'Overpowered' album and the new single 'Momma's Place' (released on 18th Jan) with its wicked old skool house vibe bodes well for a new RM LP in '010.


  1. Great to get a reminder of Ms Murphy, enjoyed her live in '07 but haven't heard anything since other than the Every Woman cover for charidee: check out Sheena Beaston blog for the Cosmos remix - Sinead O'Connor goes disco, who knew?!

  2. Hey HoM, great to see a tip for the new year, defs hope she gets an album out!

    So right about Gaga. All reminds me a bit of 'No-one's as old skool as mee-eee' on Mommy Complex (Peaches) :)

    An while there's recommending goin' on, if you haven't seen 'em before I think you'll enjoy some of these:

    spotify:album:2bEqvYSLUAG9ssgmqb8dxO - livvvin'in a disko!

  3. Ah - after further exploration I can see you were months ahead of me on this! x

  4. haha - love those Pop Muzik mixes! ;)