Thursday, 1 October 2009

You're Living In A Disco - Forget About The Rat Race!

M's Pop Muzik is 30 (!) years old nearly to the day and it's still an amazing groundbreaking tune. To celebrate the anniversary a whole slew of remixes have been commissioned including a very decent rework from Norwegian re-edit master Todd Terje. Have a listen over on Spotify.

But for my twopenneth, the original's still the one ...


  1. Union Square Music announces a 30th anniversary compilation celebrating a new wave anthem. Pop Muzik - The Remix Album compiles original versions, demos, and remixes like Perfecto’s Steve Osbourne mix, one of several commissioned by U2 (all of which are featured on this album) as the opening anthem of their Pop Mart tour. Other tracks come from dance artists including Junior Vasquez and Dub Pistols, brand new work from new wave pioneers Devo, and even a Cuban/salsa cover version by Rhumba Calzada.

    Pop Muzik hit #1 in the US in 1979 and, in the UK, hit #2 as Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes was at #1, signalling the end of the easy listening, MOR-saturated 1970s and ushering in the electro, new wave 1980s whose influence is all over the current pop charts. Pop Muzik’s influence is everywhere... The first rap hit in the UK, in 1985 it was covered by German electronic group Cocktail on which Daft Punk based their breakthrough hit Around The World. It’s been featured in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, covered by hip-hop acts like Tricky and even been honoured with versions in LEGO and The Sims.

    M was the brainchild of Robin Scott who spent the late ‘60s at Croydon Art College, with the likes of Malcolm MacLaren and Jamie Reid. In the ‘70s he produced early singles for Stiff Records and The Slits and formed Do-It Records, signing a nascent Adam & The Ants. Pop Muzik - and its accompanying album - New York • London • Paris • Munich - was released in 1979 and featured legendary early performances by David Bowie, keyboardist Wally Badarou (Grace Jones, Massive Attack), Phil Gould and Gary Barnacle from Level 42, and Julian Scott (Roogalator).

    Scott went on to record numerous albums and work with a massive range of artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Adrian Belew (Bowie, King Crimson), Mark King (Level 42), Thomas Dolby, Andy Gill (Gang of Four) and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel). He is currently heading up CarbonZero Muzik in collaboration with carbon management company co2balance and various musicians, raising awareness of climate change and suppling energy efficient technologies to local communities in Kenya.

    Release date: 16_November_2009
    Label, cat. no.: Union Square Music, DDMETR217
    Format: 14-track album: 13 audio tracks, one video

  2. po muzik is all about mr. badarou. check out an interview with the man himself here:

  3. Nice - didn't know about Wally B's contribution to Pop Muzik. Thanks!